Is the id number the same as the policy number?

March 13, 2011
By theinsurancepedia

In the USA today, insurance is probably one of the most complicated things the average adult will have to decipher throughout their lifetime. Obama’s healthcare reform is changing the rules almost daily and the legislation in creeping towards tens and thousands of page.
It seems that something so important to the American public should not be so complicated. Aside from all the regulations, most adults may not even know the difference between their ID number and policy number. One would think adults should at least be able to decipher nomenclature! Here is a helpful hint: The policy number is the unique identifies for the company that provides the insurance to their employees. For example, if McDonald’s provided Aetna insurance to their employees, they would have a policy with Aetna. The policy number is what hospitals and doctors use to identify the company. The ID number, on the other hand, is specific to an individual employee. Each employee working for McDonald’s will have the same policy number and a different ID number. To complicate things a bit more, each person in the employee’s family will have the same ID number, but a different person number. For example, an employee may be person number 1, the spouse would be person number 2, and the children are numbers 3 and 4.
Seeking medical care is one of the most stressful and important aspects of the average American’s life. It would seem that the government and insurance companies should be trying to make things less complicated, not more.

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