Where is the policy number on an insurance card?

March 3, 2011
By theinsurancepedia

The policy number on your insurance card is generally on the front. However, very often it doesn’t blatantly say “policy number” on it. Locating the number can be a bit tricky so here are a few pointers.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield list the policy number just below the insurers name but has no text next to it indicating what it is. If you don’t have Blue Cross/Blue Shield check to see if your card is formatted similarly. For individuals that use Medicare, the number used is not a policy number but a claim number. That is also on the front of the card and does have a label to aid in location. Some company’s do not use a policy number directly to assist you, but a group number and/or name accompanied by the policy holder’s name. Blue Advantage HMO is just such a provider. If you can’t find a policy number on your card, it may be that your insurer doesn’t use one. If you have any questions regarding your policy it is always best to call the provider directly. The number is usually toll-free and located at the bottom of your card or possibly on the back. Most insurers have an automated phone system that will prompt you with a few questions before putting you through to a representative. Have your card with you when you call and expect to wait on hold for awhile.

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