When does an accident come off of your insurance record?

August 12, 2011
By theinsurancepedia

Your car insurance record is motivated by your vehicle driving record that is held by the DMV(Department of Motor Vehicles). Every time you have a ticket or have an accident this goes on your record. Sometimes, it takes a few weeks for it to finally get to your car insurance. But every year when you renew your insurance policies, you insurance company will pull you’re driving record from the DMV. If you have tickets or accidents this will show up on your record for three years before this falls off. So every year you renew your insurance policy, when they pull your driving record if these things are still there then they will show up on your insurance record. Now after the three years, this will no longer be on your insurance record. If you insurance company is still trying to charge you a higher premium after the tickets or accidents fall off your DMV record, then you really should change insurance companies because they are just taking advantage of you as a customer.

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