Can filing an insurance claim expire if I don’t file it right away?

September 14, 2011
By theinsurancepedia

Insurance claims should be always done immediately after the accident. If you really fail to claim, it will definitely not make your insurance claim expire. Filing claims on insurance policies will enable the insured to get his claims in a reasonable time without any delays. It also help the insured to provide information to the insurance company about the details which are generally required for the insurance claim. Also if possible, have pictures of the event or eyewitness is also required to make the claim process easier. Filing the claim may be done in later days also, but when it is done immediately it will be fresh in the insured mind to provide all the required information the insurance company. But do not worry if it takes time for you to make the claims because it is not going to expire in any way. Get all the details and make the claim.

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